Making a difference in Strood

Reception-banner-781Stood Community Project, has a wide range of FREE services, some are shown in our image. This is only a sample of areas we provide a service. We are dedicated to respond to your individual needs, not just those shown below. Our services cover Strood and the Hoo Peninsula.

Strood Community Project is a members of Advice UK, the Association for Independent Advice Providers. Everything we undertake is of course confidential, so you can have confidence that you are the focus of our activity.

We value diversity and promote equality.

Strood Community Project - Church and Community Together

What have we done?

Strood Community Project has been working in the community since December 2006. Since then we have:

  • Developed a network of over 30 volunteers with many of those receiving formal training up to level 3.
  • Seen over 700 individuals from the local area who have requested help with improvements to their employability. We have given information, advice, made referrals to specialist agencies and training courses, helped with CVs and, in every instance, provided a listening ear. We have also paid for ad hoc items which can remove huge barriers to their progress to employability (ie. bus fares to courses, child care whilst on courses, new clothes for an interview), Most clients have returned for further meetings as part of their journey to inclusion to the labour market.
  • Established a computer skills training centre based at St Francis of Assisi church to offer accredited training, at our main office in Strood High Street, and many other out-reach locations.
  • Delivered regular training courses: introductory and certified 1st Aid courses, Food hygiene, CLAIT/ITQ computer courses and confidence building. We have weekly English and Maths courses for those wishing to improve their skills and offer access to a variety of specialist vocational courses such as SIA and CSCS.
  • Published, biannually, a community newsletter circulated to 10,000 homes with circulation increased to15,000 homes from autumn 2011.
  • Supported the empowerment of the community by assisting in the development of local grass roots community groups including Strood South Community Group and Strood Walking Group, and the restarting of a group to conserve a local area of green space (Friends of Rede Common).
  • Early on, established a team of Youth Workers whose role is to support local youth clubs and develop relationships with local, vulnerable young people in order to ensure that they don't drop out.
  • Jointly managed Strood Community Fun Day (see item on the Strood Community News).
  • Completed a 2000 home neighbourhood survey around the local area to inform the future development of the Project.
  • Established a Drop-in Advice Centre on Strood High Street in March 2010 providing advice on benefits, housing, debt, etc.
  • Established High Street charity shops to generate funds for the work.
  • Developed a support service for victims of domestic violence using trained, experienced staff and volunteers
  • Were a key local player in the delivery of the Future Jobs Fund by providing 27 jobs for local young people who would otherwise be out of work.
  • Have two UK Online Centres providing access to the internet and online services, free of charge to the local community
  • Delivered the Flexible New Deal for those who have been unemployed for 12 months and more. Paid on results, the organisation worked to move customers back into full time permanent employment.
  • Delivering the Work Programme (as a partner of Medway Council under a contract with G4S), again supporting unemployed people back to work. Our model of holistic support, taking an active interest in the full range of barriers faced by job seekers means that we are well placed to make this work.

Our outstanding staff and volunteers are here to support the whole community

We all face circumstances from time to time where we need advice whether that’s in an unexpected crisis or planning what to do next. Strood Community Project’s Advice Centre is located at 123-125 High Street, Strood, is open five days a week offering trained and qualified advisors to sit with you and discuss your situation.

Our advisors are able to support you with matters of employment, housing, debt, welfare benefits and more. We have a range of referral partners available should you require specialist support.

The Advice Centre operates as a Drop-in facility, which is particularly effective if you need information. If you wish us to assist with more involved matters then it is preferable to call the centre on 01634 298747 and make an appointment.

We are open Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 4.00pm. Advice appointments are available weekday mornings between 9.30am and 11.30am.

Strood Community Project is a member of Advice UK, the association for independent advice providers.


Who are we?

Strood Community Project was established in 2006 as an initiative of two neighbouring Parish churches in the town of Strood, Rochester, Kent (St Nicholas with St Mary and St Francis of Assisi). Joined by Strood Gospel Mission Church in 2008 we became a project uniting different church backgrounds. Now a registered charity our work is driven by our Christian values to meet the needs of everyone in our community.

What is our Mission?
We want to see a happy, confident and prosperous Strood.

What are the aims of Strood Community Project?
Our aims are to empower the local community and help improve fundamental issues such as education, safety, increased employment, life skills and lower crime.

Why have we achieved so much so quickly?

  • The local community responded positively seeing it as ‘the first time anything for Strood has been based in Strood.’
  • There is so much need in existence.
  • Very supportive churches backing our work and 'buy in' from a range of other local stakeholders
  • Adequate start-up funds (European Funds and Regional Development Agency (SEEDA) plus church funds) channelled through Medway Council
  • God’s blessing on our endeavours.



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